Ujima – Day 3 of Kwanzaa -Collective Responsibility

On the third day of  Kwanzaa, Ujima,  the theme of collective responsibility resonates. Even within this week of Kwanzaa celebrations and events it is clear that the unity necessary to implement collective responsibility seems to have escaped many in the black community. There have been vicious attacks against the concept of Kwanzaa and the prevailing theme of these has been that Kwanzaa is a Made – Up holiday the product of a criminal mind.

Laughable when you look back on most holidays – they were all ‘made up” by humans some with religious leanings some for political gain and some for both.

Holidays created to indoctrinate the “pagans” based on no actual factual evidence – that of late inspire shopping frenzy and lack of personal responsibility with one’s finances seem to be more acceptable to the masses than a week set aside to contemplate and celebrate themes that on their own will uplift. People are way more accepting of a holiday based on dates not backed up with any verifiable documentation – instead only on the word of the Catholic church which itself was the instigator of the inquisition and co-conspirator for the “crusades” that cost many many lives and saw to the destruction of cities and individuals who’s religious beliefs were different.

I wonder at when the “holiday police” came into being and how there was established a group that serve as the arbiter of what constitutes a holiday and what personal criteria is acceptable in one who offers up any type of holiday or the basis for creating one.

In this country right now there would seem to be a resurgence in racist themes and behavior – the vitriol directed at  the president is indicative of this as it has no actual basis and has incited individuals to act in the most disrespectful and heinous ways towards this administration and this country.

Today’s theme collective responsibility takes on a whole new sense of urgency when one contemplates some of the ills currently dogging the black community. How much sooner and more effectively could some of the issues we face, unemployment, single parent households, relationship issues, education etc. be addressed if there were a standard of collective responsibility. If not all but more would engage in and promote opportunities to work as a group to eradicate some of these issues how much more successful and productive would we be COLLECTIVELY


The mind boggles….


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  1. Kimberly Nicole Foster December 29, 2011 at 1:12 am

    This might be my favorite principle. American individualism has wreaked havoc on Black America. For better or for worse, I am my sister’s/brother’s keeper. Our fates our tied as a community. Whether we admit it or not. I love your Kwanzaa rundowns!

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