She/He is a Good Friend But…

HE/She is a good friend but there are things in their life that society might find objectionable on a moral basis. HE or she always is there  in your time of need Does the friendship or  diminish because of this? IS the value of the person’s  loyalty and support lessen because they aren’t actually wearing wings and a halo ?  Do you refuse their offers of help and assistance and does this refusal rest on conditions like certain things are yes vs certain things are  ok ?  Like how does that work ?

How much value does one place on loyalty and what is the exact worth of someone who consistently is there when you need them. A person who gives without having to be asked and who will offer help whenever they think you may be in need and even when you might realize initially that you need it. Initial responses may indicate that this would be an invaluable trait in any type of situation be it friendship or a relationship etc.

Then there are those people who would refuse to accept help from people who aren’t “living right” in their estimation – is this in line with pride going before a fall or is it a real measure to be used ?

Is there a quantifiable measure of someone who gives unselfishly ? Before you answer ponder the following : does that diminish depending on the circumstances and the person that is doing the giving? Should one consider or lessen the level of appreciation if the person  has anything unfavorable in their past or present?

It will be interesting to see what the responses to this are. Things are not always in clear black and white and there are lots of levels and shades of gray. When you are in a situation where you might not eat or have a place to sleep does ones moral compass serve as a screening device for determining who’s help you will accept?




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