Scott Walker Win – Warning Danger Will Robinson

The democratic party would have you believe that the recall election in Wisconsin and Scott Walker’s win is not that big a deal. Downplaying something does not diminish its significance. Understand not focusing on a negative, but reality needs to be spoken into this situation.

Scott Walker’s very public stance against unions and most of the issues related to the Democratic platform should not be downplayed, or negated. His strong ties and  connections to the Tea Party, the Koch Brothers and the amount of money spent during the campaign leading up to the recall election cannot be pushed to the side.

Everyone, in this country no matter their race, no matter their station needs to know EXACTLY what is at stake going into the November 2012 elections. They need to understand the differences in principles and platforms.  For the first time in years most social programs are in serious jeopardy of being de-funded.  The poor, women and minorities are facing a growing sense of disconnect from people who feel no moral or ethical obligation to provide any type of assistance or help to those who for whatever reason are less fortunate.

The backlash has been a long time in coming. While people may choose to give and help when they wish to, the feeling or perception of “having” to give at some point becomes unpalatable.  The ugly side of this country is presenting itself and the only slim chance to avoid a descent into a way of life that has nothing to do with what this country was supposed to be founded for is to get up of your tail, get informed about the issues, especially the ones that will affect you.  If you can’t afford to donate money, volunteer. Even more importantly, make sure you are registered to VOTE.

This country is quickly approaching the fork in the road that will determine not only our future but the future of all the generations to come.  If you do not get out and get involved and things swing in a direction that leads us backwards instead of forwards, you have no one to blame  but yourself….Those thoughts should keep you comfortable while sitting in Debtor’s Prison….


NOTE: The video was a no-brainer, plus  the performance was on my birthday in 1972 and yes I was alive back then.  The sentiment still is the same and nobody has said it better than Ray…


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