Mama Hold My Hand – Coming Full Circle

Mama Hold My Hand is one of those songs  that speaks to you so deeply and profoundly you have to stop what you are doing to listen and its like the song is singing your life. I found that song today while surfing around on YouTube. Newly acquainted with the artist Aloe Blacc, I had recently purchased his EP and was already a fan of his music and his style which is reminiscent of R&B from a while back. Another distinguishing aspect is that he has HIS OWN STYLE. He is not necessarily trying to sound like anyone else – rare nowadays. He seems equally at ease tackling issues and varying song styles.

This all being said, I had a serious moment today listening to the song Mama Hold My Hand. This song is like an updated homage to Cat’s In The Cradle. In a good way though. The song is from the perspective of first a young boy a young man and then a grown man. First needing his mama to help, then growing independent and not wanting her help – and then coming full circle and wanting to help her. This is the story of my life right now and is not only where I am but is where my mother is with her mother who as I have mentioned in previous posts is suffering with Alzheimer’s and dementia and is legally blind.

Through the wonders of modern technology, I was able to send the video to my mother who took her iPad into the room with her mother while I was on the phone and we all listened and or watched the song together. We all wound up crying. All for reasons too numerous to recount here. ‘ The same technology many disdain and despair of in fear of big brother watching and observing. This technology allowed for a moment that would probably not be possible otherwise – since I live two and a half hours away from my mother and grandmother and with my work schedule  and class schedule I don’t get much time to visit often. To understand the significance in some small part – understand that my grandmother is 101 years old – will be 102  this February if God allows it. When she was born there were no televisions.. She saw the beginning of the telephone and just missed out on the whole cell phone phenomena as her diminishing vision precluded her from the whole smart phone craze. To be able to share something with them this way – thanks Steve Jobs, Apple, Aloe Blacc, Time Warner et. al.

Now personally as an  only child, tasked with the responsibility for my mother who is 82, and her mother who is 102 this song has hit on so many nerves on so many levels. They both loved the song and appreciated me sharing it with them. It’s the least I can do. The world outside leaves little room for taking care of elder parents and grandparents. People who have not yet been placed in the role of caregiver will not fully comprehend. That moment however when you realize that your life has brought you full circle – for me was today.

Listening to this song in my minds eye I can see the entirety of my son’s life from the time where he would not dare walk the street without holding my hand – to the time when he too got to the point where he was like  Mama  leave my hand…and now I need to get more  Kleenex. Listen to the WHOLE song…..keep some tissues nearby though….Just in case…


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