I Got The Job – Well Almost – Onboarding Nightmare

Onboarding – The New Employment Racket


So if you have recently had occasion to be searching for a job and interviewed for a position with any of the fortune 500 or international companies that are extant you will have run into the onboarding process that in most instances has been relegated by companies to third party corps. The process of onboarding is what used to be back in ye olden days the day you spent filling out paperwork after you were offered a position and included the time spent prior in checking out references, past employment history and the like.

Companies now looking to streamline the process and always looking to cut costs have figured out that its less costly to have a third party manage all of that. Which might be true in many cases.

I was offered a position with a major financial services company about two weeks ago and was informed by the recruiter that they were very anxious to get me started asap. Then began the onboard process from hell. What should have taken at best three days,  is still ongoing and it is due to ineptitude.

The checks of employers which in one case they reached out to me to request alternative documentation for one, but not for another which resulted in the report coming back with insufficient work experience – I’ve been in the workforce for over 20 years so….. This could have been avoided had they bothered to contact me but they didnt. I found out subsequently that they made no real effort to contact the employer in question – had they done so they would have been informed that they do not do job verifications by phone, that instead they have partnered with Equifax to create an employment verification portal which they would have had to log into to generate an employment verification report.

Additionally there was a problem with verifying my education credentials. One would think that a company in the business of doing employment screening would know which entity to contact regarding education checks but apparently this is not the case. I wound up having to send a copy of my diploma and transcript  via my recruiter because they never asked me and had again generated a report that said education was not verifiable. This is somewhat hilarious in that I am 3/4 finished a BS degree in Multi-Media design.

When all these issues were pointed out – the company that is supposed to be doing all this background check work, decided to reboot the process and i was sent THREE background check requests in one day.

And The Survey Says

It has now been over two weeks, I still am unable to start a job with a great company because of the shenanigans of the background verification company. Would that I could name names but at this point it wouldn’t be prudent. I will however once this has been all resolved name the  company doing the background checks because to say that they have been less than stellar is an understatement.


In the meantime I continue to just wait….and stew…


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