Diana Nyad a 21st Century SHero

Escaping the plantation last night I turned on the TV to catch up on the news and found my breath caught in my throat as I watched a real live hero, Diana Nyad stepping onto the Florida shores after swimming for 53 straight hours from Cuba. I didn’t even realize with the tears started falling as I listened to her speak words that have been said so often but now, speaking as a living embodiment of them ”  Do Not Give Up on your Dreams”.  After 35 years of trying and not making it, God only knows what other sacrifices she has made and how many times people told her to give up ,  at 64 years of age she realized her dream.

This wonderful woman who is internationally known, NOT for showing her assets  all over the television screen, not famous for a sex tape, or who she is sleeping with or has slept with, not for her hairstyle or lack of hair or how she chooses to wear her hair, but for refusing to give up on a dream she had to accomplish something that had not been done – to test the limits of her physical endurance.

I have to weep while watching this clip because society all too often writes off women especially older women as not of much use and or little significance this blows that entirely out of the water pun intended.

As I watch women arguing on social media about good hair vs. bad hair, and good men vs. bad men, weaves, butt injections, and all manner of fuggery, THIS achievement right here speaks directly to MY soul…..

See I have a dream too, I dream of a day when I have graduated with my college degree and I no longer have to work in sub human conditions for corporate plantations where you never know what day you will have off or what time you will have to be in from one day to the next.

A few days ago that dream was becoming real cloudy and dim, but watching this video clip   was like re-igniting the fire that actually never goes out.

WE don’t get to see too many real live heroes nowadays – thankful that I was able to witness the dawn of a new one….

Thank you Diana Nyad for showing the world HOW BIG YOUR BRAVE IS !!!!


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