Belief Inspires, Faith Sustains

Belief – A television first that is not via traditional television

A definite sign of the times is the television premier of a mini-series by  the iconic television persona known simply as  Oprah. Belief debuted via her OWN television network (which is only accessible to those who have cable). She has put forth a series that explores different beliefs of different people and manages to illustrate in one way or another how we are all in spite of different beliefs – very similar.

Believe – Inspirational

Inspirational  is just that one is inspired or motivated to do something as a result of some action or event or even one person. Having watched the first of several installments of this show I can say that I have been first inspired to write, which I have not done in a while.  I have also been  inspired to speak to my belief and my faith.

Those ticky tacky questions that you get asked in some job interviews  “What is  Your most valuable asset?

For me it has been and continues to be my faith.  My belief would be tied with that .

I was raised a Christian in the  AME  or African Methodist Episcopal Church ame_churchand so that would be the basis or foundation for my belief.  It serves as a basis  and as I have matured I have found that it is what I ultimately refer to at least on a personal level. It is not the end all as  an adult I have come to believe and understand that a higher power such as manifested in God  would  not be limited to just ONE belief system. A power that could create the heavens and the earth etc. could not possibly be limited to one WAY of understanding.  I have always believed that God can and does meet you where you are.

I do believe in Jesus Christ as this is MY own experience.  It is the why  for me  and me alone.

Why I Believe – My Faith

I have had very little choice in the matter of belief. At an early age I was met with situations and circumstances that would have been in my own estimation insurmountable without faith and a belief in a higher power.

I believed as a child when I found out that I was adopted that there was a reason that God was aware of and that he would allow me to see work itself out.

My faith over the course of my life has sustained me. It has kept me alive and sane. It has provided me with reasons to keep going and to keep striving. In spite of life’s traumas and unimaginable loss – my only child, my son.


My dad who I was very close to  I could not have survived those losses without my faith and belief in God.  All other understanding and reasoning gets stripped away when you are forced to deal with severe emotional trauma. There is no pill  that can fix or restore you from these.  The slings and arrows of life, the people who mistreat you for no reason – even when you endeavor to always give your best. Those who lie to you, try  to use you or take you for granted – and there  have been many.  There was no way to navigate through those hurts and pains without faith. The belief that it will get better, that it will pass. That God saw my pain and knew my suffering and that he would deliver me from it and provide restoration if and when needed.

It is not being overly dramatic to suggest that I would literally not be here today if it were not for God.  Contrary to what some may have been told a belief in God or your faith does not preclude you from hurts or pains, or slings that is just life. It just allows you to deal and bear them and continue on  always seeking your better self.




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