I LOVE YOU , BECAUSE – Poetry Corner

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I love you

Because you make me laugh

Deep inside

Where laughter

Had not visited

For so long

I love you because

You make me smile

My heart smiles also

Along with my soul


I love you because

You make me feel

Like I can do anything

Overcome any obstacle

Bear any burden

Weather any storm

All I need is to see

Your smile and I know

The battle is won


I love you because

I see in your eyes

The warmth of your heart

The richness of your soul

The depths and capacity of you r love


Mirrored in your glance

A prayer of thanksgiving

On my lips

For being blessed

With your presence


I love you because

You are to me

Like an old friend

That I have always known

Even before my head knew you

My heart did.


I love you because

You make me laugh

You make me cry

You make me happy

You make me sad

You make me hopeful

You make me think



You I will always love






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