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Blessed Life

Living in Gratitude and Being a Blessing

News sites abound, and there are every other kind of site betwixt and between, this site, is where my work, and my life come together and the lines and boundaries between the two diminish.

The blog has news, current events, social issues, Civil Rights, Education, African American History,Dogs,( Therapy Dogs and Service dogs especially) as well as autobiographical thought pieces, and poetry.

As I also dabble in graphic design, there are examples of my work for those who are so inclined to see my doodles from over the years.

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poetry to prose to current events.

Everything Old is New

Ran into this on youtube, and lately there have been a lot of instances of people  mis-identifying the performers in music groups. Can't imagine why... These guys

Graphics, Photos & Digital Art

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Take a look at my new pics from Sedona, Grand Canyon, New Mexico, Missouri, etc.